JV Results from 10/23 vs Way-Co

The Lady Raiders pulled off the win in their final match of 2019.

Aaliya Kocher Led the way with 8 service aces, Dani Drazkowski added 1 kill, an ace and an assist to the effort, Abby DeMarco had 4 kills and 2 assists. Montgomery Kessler had a solid night all around with 3 aces, 4 kills and 4 assists. Finally Gracie Boudreau contributed with 5 aces and 2 kills

The JV Raiders finished with a 13-5 record on the season.

Fiona Maruska, Montgomery Kessler and Jordin Kilmer all earned a promotion to varsity for the sectional tournament

JV Results from 10/22 vs Letchworth


The JV Raiders won the 1st two sets and fell in a hard fought 3rd set, but pulled out the match win last night.


All the players contributed to the win but we were led by Reba Kessler’s 9 aces and 5 kills Fiona Maruska added 9 assists and Gracie Boudreau added 7 aces.


The Raiders move to 12-5 on the season


One match left for the Lady Raiders tonight at 4:30 at Cal-Mum. Come on out and support this exciting JV team. Varsity follows around 6PM with their senior night

JV Results from 10/18 vs York

The JV Lady Raiders had a tough match against the York Golden Knights Friday. They  fought hard and pulled off the 3 set victory.

Leading the way for the Raiders was 7th grader Reba Kessler who had 10 kills and 4 aces, Fiona Maruska dished out 10 assists and had 5 aces. Montgomery Kessler added 5 aces and 4 digs in the effort.

The Raiders move to 11-5 on the season

GO Raiders!

JV Results from 10/15 vs Pavilion


The JV Lady Raiders got back on track defeating the Pavilion Golden Gophers in 3 sets.


Abby DeMarco contributed with a service ace a kill and an assist. Lily Auger added an ace and a dig While Gabby Martin added 2 kills in the effort.


The Raiders move to 10-5 on the season and have guaranteed themselves another winning season under Coach Harmon.


GO Raiders!

JV Results from 10/14 vs Leroy

The JV Lady Raiders lost to Leroy in 3 sets last night in one of the best matches we’ve seen this year. The JV Girls are really exciting to watch.

Aaliya Kocher led the way again with strong serving 7 aces 3 kills and 3 digs, Reba Kessler had 5 kills and 5 digs in the effort. Kylie Johnson added 3 kills from the middle for the Raiders who are back in action tonight 10/15-19 in Pavilion.

With the loss the Raiders fall to 9-5

GO Raiders!

JV Results from 10/11 vs Geneseo


The JV Lady Raiders bounced back to defeat the Geneseo Blue Devils on Dig Pink night


Aaliya Kocher had 5 service aces and 4 digs to go along with Fiona Maruska’s 10 assists in the victory. Abby DeMarco added 3 aces in the effort as well.


The Raiders move to 9-4 on the year.

JV Results from 10/7 vs Perry


The JV Lady Raiders had the Monday Blues vs the Perry Yellowjackets as they lost all 3 sets.


Fiona Maruska had 6 aces and 5 assists and Jordin Kilmer had 4 kills


The Raiders fall to 8-4 on the year.



Remember we are back in action on Friday 10/11 for our Dig Pink match with Geneseo at Cal-Mum



GO Raiders!

JV Results from 10/5 vs Kendall


The JV Lady Raiders won another match in 3 sets against the Kendall Indians


“Double A” Aaliya Kocher served 9 service aces and had 3 digs.

Dani Drazkowski had an assist and a kill.

Gracie Boudreau added 4 kills a dig and 3 aces.

Leah Brabant had the game winning kill in the 3rd set!


The Raiders are back in action Monday at Perry.



The Raiders improve to 8-3 on the year.


GO Raiders!

JV Results from 10/2 vs York


The JV Lady Raiders dropped to 6-3 against the York Golden Knights last night. It was a tough 3 set loss for the Raiders who after winning the 1st set fell in the next 2 sets.


The Raiders were paced by Fiona Maruska’s 7 aces and 10 assists. Aaliya Kocher stayed hot with 6 aces and 4 digs. Gracie Boudreau added 3 kills with 3 aces. Jordin Kilmer added 4 kills and Kylie Johnson had 2 kills.


They players are back in action on 11/3 at Keshequa and return home on 11/5 for a non-league match against Kendall at 10 AM.


GO Raiders!

JV Results from 9/30 vs Hornell

The JV Lady Raiders improved to 7-1 against the Hornell Red Raiders last night. Leading the way for the Lady Raiders were Fiona Maruska with 5 aces and 4 assists, Gracie Boudreau added 6 aces, Montgomery Kessler had 8 aces and 2 kills and Jordin Kilmer added 6 aces and a kill. The Raiders are back in action against division opponent York on Wednesday 10/2.

GO Raiders!

JV Results from 9-25 vs Pavilion


The JV Lady Raiders defeated divisional opponent Pavilion tonight to improve to 7-1. The Lady Raiders were led by Aaliya Kocher’s 11 aces, 2 kills and 17 service points. Fiona Maruska added 7 assists and 6 aces, 7th Grader Reba Kessler had 3 kills and 2 digs while her sister Montgomery also had 6 aces and 3 kills. Leah Brabant added an assist and kill while Gabby Martin added a kill from the middle position.


Great job girls

JV Results from 9-23 vs Warsaw


The JV Lady Raiders added another victory tonight against a tough Warsaw squad. The Raiders were paced by Jordin Kilmer’s 6 aces, Fiona Maruska added 6 assists and Aaliya Kocher had 3 kills.

JV Results from 9-19 @ Geneseo


The JV Lady Raiders won their 4rd match in a row against Geneseo. Jordin Kilmer was the hot player in this match. She had 2 assists 5 aces and solid serving all night along with 4 digs.

Montgomery Kessler had 7 digs and 1 ace. Kylie Johnson added 4 kills and an ace, Leah Brabant also had 2 aces.


JV Results from 9-17 @ Home vs Dansville


The JV Lady Raiders won their 3rd match in a row against Dansville. Montgomery Kessler (Bama) led the way with 11 aces 4 digs and an assist. Fiona Maruska added 5 aces and 3 assists and Aaliya Kocher (Double A) stayed hot with 3 aces, 1 kill and 2 digs. The team travels to Geneseo on 9/19 for their next match.


JV Results from 9-13 @ Home vs Keshequa


The JV Lady Raiders continued their winning ways with a 3 set win over Keshequa.

The Raiders were led by Dani Drazkowski who had 1 kill and 2 digs in the win. Fiona Maruska dished out 12 assists and had 7 service aces. Aaliyah Kocher added 4 kills and 3 aces.


JV Results from 9-11 @ Home vs Avon


The JV Lady Raiders took the match from Avon for the 1st win of the season. Gracie Boudreau ;ed the way with 6 service aces, 7th grader Reba Kessler added 4 aces and a kill while Aaliya Kocher had 3 kills 1 assist and 3 service aces. Nice job girls. They can be seen next at home Friday 9-13 against the Keshequa Indians at 4:30.


JV Results from 9-9 @ Livonia


Our first match this season saw the JV Lady Raiders fall in 3 sets to the Livonia Bulldogs.

Jordin Kilmer led the way for the Raiders with 4 kills and 2 aces and was aggressive at the net all night. Fiona Maruska handed out 4 assists and added 4 aces and 4 kills. Montgomery Kessler had 5 digs, 1 assist and 3 kills from the backcourt. The Lady Raiders are back at it on 9-11 against the Avon Braves at home.